Sunday, October 29, 2006

Has feminism gone too far?

Evidence abounds that boys are being short-changed from kindergarten through college by our feminist educational system. 60% of the student population of colleges in our country is female, and the gap is only expected to increase. Marriage has become such an anti-male institution that millions of young men are unwittingly participating in the growing movement of the Marriage Strike . Who can blame them, when 50-60% of marriages end in divorce scenarios where women initiate divorce 80% of the time, women can kick the man out of his house and force him to pay for her to live there via child support and alimony in the vast majority of cases, and deny him visitation rights? 93% of the prison population of America is male and 3/4 of suicides are male. Finally, men's illnesses such as prostate cancer are funded in the West at a small fraction of the rate of female illnesses such as breast cancer despite the fact that women already live, on average, five to six years longer than men in the developed world.

So how do you feel about this, and what should be done? Are men really just soulless shills to be used up and thrown away by women and society when we become inconvenient, as all of these trends indicate? If you are unfamiliar with masculism , then I encourage you to read up on it.